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Aims and goals of #bookcamping as a collective project:

#bookcamping is an open and collaborative online library that offers the possibility to review and link publications in the form of text, video and audio, creating a net of references shared by the users. The featured documents are of critical character, providing intellectual weaponry, tools to rethink the world in this moment of global crisis. A part of this material is curated material, filed under “Guided Tours”, where certain “experts” draw some sort of journey through the readings that have lead them to their expertise. There is also a section for copyleft publishing projects where they can upload their publications and manage their own editorial space. It also implements social tools that allow #bookcampers to share and recommend their references, as well as opening thematic lists of specific mediography.

#bookcamping is therefore a community that mutates following the needs of its members and is only possible through their contributions. #bookcamping is also a cultural collective, engaged in various communication activities, focused on the role of free culture in the context of digital era. We aim to question and debate over the validity of the copyright paradigm and the alternatives to it in book publishing and cultural spreading in general.

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