Cecilia Barriga – Original Works/Collaborations

Largometraje – Feature Film

«Tres instantes un grito» / Three Moments, A Shout, Spain/USA/Chile, 2013, 96′

A documentary born out of the fascination for the spontaneous global movements of angry citizens. A journey through three cities where a new spirit of social protest has seized the popular imagination and reawakened the demand for a more just society: In Madrid, the indignados, in New York, the 99%, and in Santiago de Chile, the students that have staked a claim for human dignity. The diversity of these protesters expresses the breadth of a common desire for justice and the will to pursue it. (Source)

Im Fluss / Downstream, Switzerland, 2007, 5′

For decades, two 70-year-old Swiss ladies have been walking along each other. In the summertime, their daily ritual is to swim down the river that flows through their hometown while they ponder the unthinkable. (Source)

El camino de Moisés, 2004, 55′
La herida de mi ojo, 1994
Cada dia en cada uno
5000 feminismos, 2010, 7′
El día del euro, Switzerland, 2009, 5′
Ojo eje, Switzerland, 2009, 4′
El esqueleto tatuado, 2010
Granada, 30 años después, 2010
Casa de red, 2011
El origen de la violencia, 2005, 1′
San Isidro, Spain, 1986, 20′
Ni locas, ni terroristas, Spain, 2004, 50′
Atrapados en el paraíso
Time’s Up!, Chile, 2000, 97′
Encuentro entre dos reinas, Spain, 1991, 14′
Lo que ellas ven, 2006
11 segundos, 2005
El pasajero triste, 2005
P.O.V (Camera Operator)
Common Ground (Camera/Electrical Department)
El cianuro… ¿solo o con leche? (Assistant Director)
Zero Degree (Sound)

Ensayo – Essay

Lo que queda de mí

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