Marina Garcés

Marina Garcés nació el Barcelona en 1973. Estudió en Barcelona, ciudad en la que siempre ha vivido. Actualmente es profesora titular de filosofía en la Universidad de Zaragoza. Su labor principal se reparte entre la docencia, la escritura, sus hijos y la dedicación al pensamiento práctico, crítico y colectivo que impulso desde hace años, junto a algunos compañeros, desde Espai en Blanc.

Marina Garcés (Barcelona 1973) is a Professor of Philosophy at Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), and has served as Visiting Professor at several International Masters Programs, such as, Master in Information Society at Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Master in Arts Practice and Dissemination (L’Animal a l’esquena-UdG) and Master in Scenic Arts (University of Alcalà de Henares, Madrid).

She is the author of the book En las prisiones de lo posible (In the Prisons of the Possible, Barcelona 2002) and writes regularly in cultural and philosophical reviews such as Archipiélago, Zohar, Daimon, etc and in several collective books, the most recent: Las personas del verbo (filosófico), (Bcn, 2010), Arquitecturas de la Mirada (Architectures of Regard; Barcelona 2009), The Unconfessable Community (Barcelona 2009), El arte el cuestión (The Art into Question, Valencia, 2010). She has also participated in many projects with cultural institutions, in Spain (Macba- Contemporary Art Museum, CCCB-Center for Contemporary Culture, Arteleku-Bilbao) and abroad (the European network EIPCP-Transform, within the project The Art of Critique;).

In 2003, she created Espai en Blanc Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the promotion and intervention of a critical and experimental thought. This Foundation publishes an annual monographic review, and puts on seminars, research projects and experimental gatherings, with the aim of opening spaces for thinking together. The main topics of the recent years being developed by Espai en Blanc have been: Life and politics (2006), The therapeutic society (2007), The force of anonymity (2008), and Thinking as a combat (2009). Marina Garcés took was part of the creative team of the film El taxista ful, directed by Jo Sol, winner of a special price of the jury at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2005.


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